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MD5 to JSON Converter - WebGL(html5)

A small tool to convert md5mesh and md5anim files to the
JSON format(3.1) used by three.js

1. Drag and drop a *.md5mesh file.
2. Drag and drop a *.md5anim file.
3. Drag and drop a jpg/png for texture.
Any image containing 'normal' will be used as a normalMap,
'bump' as bumpMap, 'specular' as specularMap.
None of these and it will be used as the diffuseMap.

Left mouse + drag = rotate camera.
Right mouse + drag = move camera.
Mousewheel = zoom in/out.

Done using three.js.

Note. You need a modern browser that supports
WebGL for this to run the way it is intended.
For example. Google Chrome 9+ or Firefox 4+.

(If you are already using one of those browsers and it's
still not running, it's possible that you have old blacklisted
GPU drivers. Try updating the drivers for your graphic card.
Or try to set a '--ignore-gpu-blacklist' switch for the browser.)

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