#codevember 2017

This year I tried to do #codevember, you are supposed to do one "code sketch" every day for the whole month.
I guess the idea is like with all kind of "everydays", that by doing something often, you get better at it.
Thought it was a bit stressful though, not sure I will do that again...

The source is there if you just "view source".
It is really "sketchy" though and I left lots of commented code and most likely dead code.

I used my highend glorious master race pc where everything runs in lovely 144fps.
So most of the sketches probably don´t run on your crappy macbook or your shitty phone. I do not care.
Edit: I actually tested on my phone(Pixel) and most of them runs ok, guess phones have gotten fast... :S

There is also a youtube video here with a short clip of each sketch.