Pyramids of Ra - 24 kb - Flash 5
Arrowkeys to control.
Been playing this Gameboy-title for a while. Itīs called Pyramids of Ra and the Gameboy-version was published by a company called Matchbox. Found out it was created by a guy called Ross Harris who gave it away(?), check out:

The objective of the game is to bounce on all blocks until they are removed and still have an open path back to the startingpoint(the "S"). You start on the "S", but you canīt jump on it again until all blocks have been removed... Also, you need to jump before the countdown-timer reaches zero, otherwise you will be "forcejumped" in the last direction you jumped.
Simple and brilliant!
So I thought this would be a fun exercise. There are only 7 levels in this one though, see if you can complete them all :)

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