Animation Labels :
MD5 Troll (blending animations) - WebGL(html5)

A test of blending skeletal animations in three.js. When you switch between animations the bones
positions gets interpolated over a certain amount of time, resulting in a smoother transition.
As opposed to a hardcut-switch.

Test it by clicking the different animation-labels to the right.

Using the troll from the Hobbit-project. Converted with the MD5 Converter.

Done using three.js.

Note. You need a modern browser that supports WebGL for this to run the way it is intended.
For example. Google Chrome 9+ or Firefox 4+.

(If you are already using one of those browsers and it's still not running, it's possible that you
have old blacklisted GPU drivers. Try updating the drivers for your graphic card.
Or try to set a '--ignore-gpu-blacklist' switch for the browser.)

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