Spheres (WebAudio) - WebGL+WebAudio(html5)
Move your mouse to tilt the plane.

A test of doing "3d sound" with the WebAudio Api.
So you need a browser that supports that to hear anything.

Was originally gonna test the deviceMotion(gyroscope) stuff, but that was not avialable in
Chrome for Android yet.. :/

It is also a bit of a homage to the demo "spheres on a plane" and that kind of sound design.
Which I really like.. :)

Done using three.js.

Note. You need a modern browser that supports WebGL for this to run the way it is intended.
For example. Google Chrome 9+ or Firefox 4+.

(If you are already using one of those browsers and it's still not running, it's possible that you
have old blacklisted GPU drivers. Try updating the drivers for your graphic card.
Or try to set a '--ignore-gpu-blacklist' switch for the browser.)

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