Snes Retro - WebGL(html5)

Controls: Arrowkeys = D-pad. C = Start. D = Select.

A test of the js snes-emulator, XNES, by tjwei(github).
Plus doodling with some retro looking, CRT-style postprocessing...

Some games for test purposes only:
Super R-Type is (C) and TM Irem.
Super Mario World is (C) and TM Nintendo.
Mega Man X is (C) and TM Capcom.

Done using three.js.

Note. You need a modern browser that supports WebGL for this to run
the way it is intended.
For example. Google Chrome 9+ or Firefox 4+.

(If you are already using one of those browsers and it's still not running,
it's possible that you have old blacklisted GPU drivers. Try updating the
drivers for your graphic card.
Or try to set a '--ignore-gpu-blacklist' switch for the browser.)

(C) OutsideOfSociety 2013.