Tipover - 138 kb - Flash MX
Arrowkeys to control.
A remake of a great puzzle game called "Tipover" or "The Kung Fu Packing Crate Maze". Originally created by James W. Stephens. Itīs also available as a boardgame, looks really cool ;).

Basic gameplay
Can you tip the crates to create a path to the "goal" crate without touching the floor?
From the starting crate (you are the red outlined circle) you move by tipping crates over orthogonally. For you to move from one crate to another, a tipped-over crate must fall and land adjacent to another crate. You may then jump from the fallen crate to the adjacent one. The numbers printed on top of the crates indicate how tall the standing crates are. Blue creates are 2 units high, Green are 3 units high, and Red are 4 units high.

To move - use the arrow keys.
Undo - CTRL-Z.
Reset Level - R.
Next Level - Page up.
Previous Level - Page down.

Sorry about the filesize, had to do the falling animations as keyframes, to get the texture to display correctly :/.

(C) OutsideOfSociety 2005.