D-star - 19 kb - Flash 5
Arrowkeys to control, Space to swap places ball/square, Ctrl to reset.
This is a remake of a great little puzzle game called D-star. The original version was done by Joe Wingbermuehle(http://joewing.calc.org). It was written in assembly for the TI-83 calculator.

The objective of the game is to collect all the yellow 'dots' by moving the red 'ball'. However when you move in any direction(Arrowkeys), you will keep moving until you hit something. So you have to use the 'square' to block your path sometimes. You can swap places between the 'ball' and the 'square'(Space). You can also reset the level(Ctrl) if you screw up. There are 10 levels and you have a maximum of 1024 moves to complete them.

(C) OutsideOfSociety 2004.