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Blockdude - 40 kb - Flash 5

A remake of an old TI-83 game called Blockdude, the original game was written by Brandon Sterner.
The objective of the game is to get to the exit, the door. The problem is that you can only move one step up at the time. So you need to move blocks in order to get there.
There are 11 levels from the original game + 3 bonus levels I found in a windows remake.
The tile graphics are made by Chris Kotiesen. Many thanks!! ;)

Left/Right Arrowkeys - Move left/right
Up Arrow - Jump up on a block
Down Arrow - Pick up block (standing next to one).
Down Arrow again - To drop the block.

Shift + Arrowkeys - Scroll around the level, for overview.
R - Reset Level.
Q - Quit to menu.

(C) OutsideOfSociety 2004.