Disclaimer: These tutorials are really old and possibly outdated nowadays. The theory should still be the same, but the code and the sourcefiles are probably a bad startingpoint when learning about this. But I still like to keep it published in case someone finds it useful.

Tilebased games in Flash 5

These are the tutorials so far:

01. Drawing a map.
02. Adding a character.
03. Thoughts, ideas and rant.
04. Scrolling.
05. Isometrics.
06. Simple enemies part 1 (cars).
07. Simple enemies part 2 (maze).
08. More on isometrics.
08b. More about z-sorting.
09. Editors.
10. Scrolling part 2 (optimizing).
11. Sloping tiles.
12. Jump physics.

Planned are(were) these:

13. Moving tiles.
14. Large Sprites(not sure).
15. ??? (Open for suggestions)

Greetings, this is my small contribution to the flash-community. I´s a series of tutorials about tilebased games in Flash. They are not aimed at total newbies, they are not complete solutions to all your problems in anyway. They are meant to give you an idea of how simple and powerful this approach could be.

They used to be published at my old website www.jailbitch.com, which is no more.

Note: When I started writing these, in late 2001, Flash MX was still in beta-testing, so they are written with Flash 5 in mind and all the .fla-files are in Flash 5 format.

Note 2: I haven´t written anything in years now ;) So if you want to read more, I suggest you go to “TonyPa´s” excellent site. There are tons of more good reading for you…

Ok, I hope these tutorials will help someone out there, if not, at least I tried :)

It would be very good to get suggestions of what to write about, so if there´s something you´re missing here, please let me know…

So why do I write these?

Basicly because there´s so much crap beeing produced in Flash :)
Gamedev sums it up nicely in their description of Flash:

“Flash, unfortunately, is becoming a victim of its own success, as it’s on its way to becoming synonymous with “style over substance”.”

Which I think is very true in many cases. So I guess the reason is to, try to change that in some small way.


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