Jul 1, 2003


GoToAndPlay is a new “Flash-gaming-community”. A great initative, I think. The site looks very fresh, nice and clean.
It´s a little low on content at the moment but it just launched, so that´s understandable. They also launched a Bomberman clone, which looks very nice.
So check it out. (Thanks Marco)

May 6, 2003

Lost Vikings demo

Blizzard Entertainment have realesed a mighty cool flash demo to push the launch of the classic game Lost Vikings for the Gba. It´s probably old news, but still very cool :)

Apr 21, 2003


Whizzball, a pretty cool isometric puzzle game by Andries Odendaal(Corrected: Sumona). The objective is to get a marble to the goal with the help of different tile-pieces. You can also design your own levels. It’s great to see stuff like this beeing made in flash :).

Apr 13, 2003

Line of sight

Andre Michelle have been doing some nice algorithms for tile games. First there’s a “Line of sight” algorithm, which looks great. Also there’s a “Key catcher”, that you might find useful. Check out his site, lots of cool stuff.

Feb 22, 2003

New hosting

My good friends at Moxiecode Systems have been so kind to offer me to host this site at their dev-server. Many thanks! The old url-forwarding will still work of course, “outsideofsociety.idz.net” that is, but it will be forwarded to http://oos.moxiecode.com instead.

The old one: “w1.910.telia.com/~u91024173” will be closed down eventually.
So let´s hope it works ok, and please let me know if you found some broken links or anything like that.

Feb 15, 2003

Finalists FF 2003

These are the finalists in the game category for FlashForward 2003:
Law & Order
Battle of Sudan
Haven´t played any of them, since their loading time sucks ass when you´re on 56k… But I´m sure they´re great.

Jan 16, 2003

New blog about games

Games Bond is a new blog that focuses on flash and shockwave games. Which I think is great, have really missed that among all the blogs that exists nowadays.

Jan 8, 2003

Scroll in 4 directions.

I recieve a lot of mails from people who can´t seem to figure out how to make a tilemap scroll in all four directions. So here´s an old test-file that might help.

Dec 21, 2002

Merry Christmas!

I´d like to wish you all a Merry christmas and a Happy new year! Time to chill out for a while…

Dec 14, 2002

Nice puzzle game

A pretty cool puzzle game. Damn hard to solve some of them though ;)

Nov 29, 2002

SciTE|Flash 1.0

Seems like a nice and powerful as-editor. I think I´m gonna try it out for a while…

Nov 24, 2002

Dinky Bomb

Damn cool flash multiplayer game, check it out here. Kinda like Worms or the old Scorched Earth, but not quite as advanced, but still very fun.

Nov 10, 2002

New beta player fixes bitmap distortion

Macromedia has released a new beta of the flash player( With this version the old and annoying bitmap distortion/bitmap shift bug, should finally have been fixed.
I haven´t tried it to see for myself. You can read the release notes here.

Nov 8, 2002

Small redesign + News = new Object()

I have given the site a small face lift, just felt it was about time. New is also this small section called “News” in lack of a better word.
I do not intend to make it in to another blog. I´ll just try to post stuff that I find interesting and releated to gamedev in flash. Don´t expect it to be updated very often.



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