Dec 30, 2011

Bye 2011

So, another year passes by. Finally managed to get the site moved to a wordpress solution this year, yay! Have had the great privilege to work on a couple of realtime 3d projects this year. First up was ROME(nominated for pca on fwa) in the beginning of the year, big, fun and challenging project built using webgl. Towards the end of the year we did Netguys, a small, short stage3D project.

I really think these technologies are great tools and will prove to be really helpful when it comes to building immersive experiences, games, etc. on teh internetz. Got a lot of potential if used right. I guess the biggest obstacle will be gpu-blacklists and crappy gpu:s, especially in the macbook-infected industry where I work. But we´ll see.

Hope you all have a nice holiday and a great 2012!

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