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Nov 29, 2002

SciTE|Flash 1.0

Seems like a nice and powerful as-editor. I think I´m gonna try it out for a while…

Nov 24, 2002

Dinky Bomb

Damn cool flash multiplayer game, check it out here. Kinda like Worms or the old Scorched Earth, but not quite as advanced, but still very fun.

Nov 10, 2002

New beta player fixes bitmap distortion

Macromedia has released a new beta of the flash player( With this version the old and annoying bitmap distortion/bitmap shift bug, should finally have been fixed.
I haven´t tried it to see for myself. You can read the release notes here.

Nov 8, 2002

Small redesign + News = new Object()

I have given the site a small face lift, just felt it was about time. New is also this small section called “News” in lack of a better word.
I do not intend to make it in to another blog. I´ll just try to post stuff that I find interesting and releated to gamedev in flash. Don´t expect it to be updated very often.


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